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Contract notice:Framework contract for temporary agency work
In a proper-run country people would have a proper job, not a Mickey Mouse zero-hours contract, or some crummy La La Land temporary agency work paying little more than crumbs.
Precarious work includes temporary foreign labour, service industry jobs, food services and accommodation jobs, temporary agency work and self-employment (Law Commission of Ontario, Quick Facts About Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work).
First, Lars Mitlacher, Peter Waring, John Burgess and Julia Connell examine how the growing area of temporary agency work has prompted a range of new contradictions and tensions in two countries with very different approaches to temporary agency work and workers: Germany and Singapore.
However, transposition has been patchy and unbalanced and unjustified restrictions on temporary agency work still exist in many markets.
Temporary agency work is a rapidly growing form of atypical work among other forms: part-time work, fixed-term work, freelance work, work on call, work on zero-hour contracts, etc.
The organization of human resource management in temporary work agencies--towards a comprehensive research agenda on temporary agency work in Germany, the Netherlands and the US.
AFTER more than ten years in the making the European Parliament has adopted a directive on temporary agency work which enables temporary workers to be treated equally with those of the employer company.
A private member's bill on temporary agency work is due to be debated in Parliament later in the month.
2) Much of the difference in wages between temporary agency work and regular work appears therefore to be explained by differences in worker characteristics.
When means are compared within sex, however, it appears that women in temporary agency work arrangements held relatively fewer jobs than did women in full-time regular work arrangements.
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