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TAZThe Adventure Zone (podcast)
TAZTasmanian Devil (cartoon character)
TAZTageszeitung (German newspaper)
TAZTraffic Analysis Zone
TAZTape Archive Zip
TAZTemporary Autonomous Zone
TAZTransportation Analysis Zone
TAZThe Admin Zone (website)
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TAZ: the temporary autonomous zone, ontological anarchy, poetic terrorism.
The Rainbow Family has established a new utopian strategy of temporary autonomous zones, sometimes strictly for Family celebrations, sometimes in support of political actions and objectives, but never itself to be a permanent settlement.
His notion of "temporary autonomous zone" (the titular term of his 1991 book on "ontological anarchism") relates in that 1:1 focused on the immediate rather than on contriving some underground, making it easy to forget about father figures and more interesting to just be.
To many long-time attendees, the festival has turned away from its promise as what underground social theorist Hakim Bey calls a "temporary autonomous zone"--a place where a chosen few could create a new, free social order outside the purview of dominant authority.
Close's portraits open up the elusive present, creating a temporary autonomous zone in which to examine questions of specularity and personal experience that sidestep ideological debates.
It is a bit surprising that this analysis does not make any reference to Hakim Bey and his temporary autonomous zones. Nevertheless, this initial inquiry sets a useful theoretical background for the rest of the book.
"Temporary Autonomous Zones," 2012, by artist, graphic novelist and zine publisher Sarnath Banerjee, takes its cue from a book of the same title by Hakim Bey.
Unlike Murray Bookchin, Ward was sympathetic to newer concepts, such as 'temporary autonomous zones', which he describes as those 'fleeting pockets of anarchy that occur in daily life' (Ward, 1997).
Some of the oldest digerati may also be distressed that cyberspace no longer seems to revolve around them--that many people would rather send e-mail to their grandchildren or download Garth Brooks songs than whisper darkly about smart drugs, spies, and temporary autonomous zones. As anarchy spreads, it starts to lose its romantic edge.
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