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Auditory cortex (hearing) -- motor cortex (movement) Auditory cortex (hearing) -- supplementary motor cortices (movement) Auditory cortex (hearing) -- anterior cingulate (salience network) Frontal eye field (vision) -- anterior cingulate (salience network) Frontal eye field (vision) -- anterior insula (salience network) Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex -- temporoparietal junction
Neural Basis of Embodiment: Distinct Contributions of Temporoparietal Junction and Extrastriate Body Area, Journal of Neuroscience 26(31): 8074-8081.
When part of her brain - the left temporoparietal junction - was electrically stimulated, she talked about how she had encounters with a 'shadow person'.
Using brain scans, researchers found that people with supermemories had larger brain regions associated with memory, including the left temporoparietal junction and the left posterior insula.
During the second stage, researchers saw more activity in the superior temporal sulcus (STS) and temporoparietal junction (TPJ) regions of the brain.
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