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TempusTrans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies (EU)
TempusTrans European Mobility Program for University Studies (est. 1990; EU; various universities)
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Tempus provides design, engineering, systems integration and flight operations solutions that support critical aviation mission requirements for a variety of customers including the United States Department of Defense, other US government agencies, foreign governments and select corporations and individuals in the private sector.
During the trial, Origin will use Tempus Energys demand-side management platform to shift non-time critical load into cheaper periods or when renewables are plentiful, and test the potential savings that could be unlocked for the customer.
Tempus will integrate the USAF's High-Altitude LIDAR Atmospheric Sensing (HALAS) system into a modified Gulfstream IV aircraft owned by the company.
Tempus will provide molecular sequencing and analysis for patients being treated for breast cancer at the University of Chicago.
Tempus and Redbird Flight Simulations have jointly announced an agreement to transition the operation of Skyport to Tempus.
It is worth mentioning that TEMPUS (Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies) is an inter-university cooperation programme created by the European Union to help the partner countries in their efforts to modernize and reform their systems of higher education.
military sales for Remote Diagnostic Technologies, visited Camp Pendleton during the testing to work with MCWL and the Field Medical Training Battalion corpsmen to demonstrate the Tempus Pro's capabilities and discuss possible improvements.
Born of a synergistic approach to private aviation, the new firm, MENA Tempus, will "enhance both organisations' ability to deliver an exceptional and diverse aviation product to the Middle Eastern region", a statement said.
Tempus Jets operates an expansive aircraft maintenance, modification and interior completion facility in Brunswick, Maine USA specializing in Bombardier Global Express, Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
The joint venture, to be known as Mena Tempus will be based at Bahrain International Airport.
Tempus will relocate a jet overhaul operation from Newport News International Airport to Maine, where there's more space to expand, Levesque said.
The merged company is to be called Tempus Global Trip Support LLC, and will be offering global flight planning services for clients and companies.