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What will become of the proposed Ten Commandments Defense Act is anyone's guess.
In its 7-2 ruling, Oklahoma's high court said in June that the Ten Commandments are "obviously" a religious text, and the Oklahoma Constitution prohibits the use of public property to support a particular religion.
The lawsuit arose after the Freethinkers had their first suit against the Ten Commandments display tossed out of court.
The Ten Commandments are at the heart of the Jewish mission in the 21st century, which is to provide a mature framework for thinking about objective morality.
Now another Alabama jurist, Circuit Judge Ashley McKathan, has taken a slightly different approach to reinforcing the connection between the Ten Commandments, which underpin all law in Judeo-Christian society, and the administration of justice.
The Arkansas legislature approved to place the Ten Commandments monument on government ground, following which the temple filed a lawsuit to have their Baphomet statue too placed at the government property.
During the spring 2018 session, the Alabama Legislature passed a state constitutional amendment that, if approved by the voters in November, will authorize the placement of the Ten Commandments on public property.
6 will see a ballot question that asks them whether they approve amending the constitution by "authorizing the display of the Ten Commandments on state property and property owned or administrated by a public school or public body; and prohibiting the expenditure of public funds in defense of the constitutionality of this amendment."
Depictions of the Ten Commandments abound on Google shopping searches: T-shirts, lawn ornaments, bookends, rings and coffee mugs.
Until the 11th century, people living in the Christian West used Gregory the Great's Seven Cardinal Sins as their compass for moral conduct, rather than the Ten Commandments, which, after all, concerned Jews not Christians.
State lawmakers last year approved a law requiring the state to allow a privately funded Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.
Bennett should rest easy: Removing the Ten Commandments from the schools will in no way interfere with the ability of teachers to teach or students to learn rational moral lessons in school.