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TIBTime in Business
TIBTechnische Informationsbibliothek (Germany)
TIBTree-In-Bud (radiologic pattern)
TIBTree Information Base
TIBTera Binary Byte
TIBTerminal Input Buffer
TIBthe Image Bank
TIBTebibyte (2^40 bytes)
TIBThread Information Block (Windows data structure)
TIBTechnical Information Bulletin (Sprint)
TIBTransportation Improvement Board
TIBThe Independent BankersBank (Irving, Texas)
TIBThe Insurance Brokers (New Zealand)
TIBTrust Investment Bank
TIBThe Information Bus(TIBCO Software, Inc)
TIBTake It Back (Pink Floyd song)
TIBTemporary Importation Under Bond (customs)
TIBTops In Blue (US Air Force talent show)
TIBTebibit (2^40 bits)
TIBTake the Internet Back
TIBTaishin International Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
TIBTag Information Base (Cisco)
TIBTemporary Import Bond
TIBTrustee in Bankruptcy (UK)
TIBThe Incredible Bulk
TIBTransport de les Illes Balears (Catalan: Transport on the Balearic Islands)
TIBThrift Investment Board
TIBTotal Time in Bed
TIBTask Information Base (ITU-T M 3000)
TIBTest Interface Board
TIBText Input Box
TIBTactical Intelligence Battalion (US Army)
TIBThe Internet Bureau
TIBTarget Indicator Bomb
TIBTechnology Investment Board
TIBTenant's Improvements and Betterments (insurance)
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Tenant's improvements and betterments are fixtures, alterations, installations, or additions made a part of the building or structure that is occupied but not owned by the insured (such as a tenant at a shopping mall).
Another section of the lease agreement refers to a tenant's improvements and betterments.