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So tomorrow I'll be up bright and early, make my little old collection, and mosey off to Tennessee, on my own hind legs, with a rousing good-by to Gadsby's.
On the 22d of June he sold his dog--said 'Dern a dog, anyway, where you're just starting off on a rattling bully pleasure tramp through the summer woods and hills--perfect nuisance--chases the squirrels, barks at everything, goes a-capering and splattering around in the fords-- man can't get any chance to reflect and enjoy nature-- and I'd a blamed sight ruther carry the claim myself, it's a mighty sight safer; a dog's mighty uncertain in a financial way- -always noticed it--well, GOOD-by, boys--last call--I'm off for Tennessee with a good leg and a gay heart, early in the morning.
I saw him an hour ago-- he's off for Tennessee early tomorrow morning--as usual; said he calculated to get his claim through and be off before night-owls like me have turned out of bed.
That tailor Billings, from Tennessee, wrote poetry that Homer and Shakespeare couldn't begin to come up to; but nobody would print it, nobody read it but his neighbors, an ignorant lot, and they laughed at it.
That Tennessee village would set up a monument to Billings, then, and his autograph would outsell Satan's.
The latter is meant to designate the French creole of Canada or Louisiana; the former, the trapper of the old American stock, from Kentucky, Tennessee, and others of the western States.
The Tennessee Fraysers were a practical folk--not practical in the popular sense of devotion to sordid pursuits, but having a robust contempt for any qualities unfitting a man for the wholesome vocation of politics.
Within Tennessee, where the rural phenomenon of Ku Klux violence first emerged, many more prominent incidents of violence existed--from the Memphis riot of 1866 to the assassination of State Senator Case in 1867 and an epidemic of hate crime murders in 1868.
He claimed that he gained this view from an old fellow Baptist in Tennessee around 1811 and that at first he had rejected it as heresy.
Tennessee appears to be the latest team to control its destiny, but that proved to be the death knell for two teams on Underdog Saturday, when Florida and Texas flubbed their shots at the national title.
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