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For water immersion, the tensile yield strength of the dried PU specimens after 6 months of immersion restored to approximately 96.0% while the tensile yield strength restored to approximately 101.9% after 1 year of immersion.
Material constant Value [f.sup.-.sub.0] (compressive yield strength) 76MPa [K.sup.-.sub.0] (compressive damage threshold) 79MPa [Q.sup.-] (compressive hardening modulus) 164.62MPa [b.sup.-] (compressive hardening rate constant) 960.9 [B.sup.-] (compressive strength where nonlinearity starts) 0.44 [q.sup.-] (compressive power damage law constant) 1.148 [f.sup.+.sub.0] (tensile yield strength) 6.9MPa [K.sup.+.sub.0] (tensile damage threshold) 6.9MPa [h.sup.+] (tensile hardening modulus) 15000MPa [B.sup.+] (tensile strength where nonlinearity starts) 1.25 [q.sup.+] (tensile power damage law constant) 0.32
Figures 12 and 13 show that the tensile yield strength for wet PC/ABS was significantly higher than for predried PC/ ABS for both screws at both feed rates.
A958 Grade 8620 steel met all the mechanical property requirements for the steel connector, with an ultimate tensile strength of 80 ksi, tensile yield strength of 50 ksi, elongation of 22% and reduction in area of 35%.
The tensile yield strength data of pure ASA and ASA/Na-ionomer blends have been utilized to compare with theoretical models to understand the compatibility behavior between ASA and the Na-ionomer.
9b, the tensile yield strength of the gate part is higher than that of the far part, but the difference between the two parts is not as significant as that of impact strength.
The resulting composite has tensile yield strength, tensile ultimate strength and elastic modulus values higher than those of unreinforced aluminum.
Certain combinations of base resin, blow-up ratio, and mineral loading produce higher dart impact without a loss in tensile yield strength, Heritage reports.
But new magnesium composites, introduced by Dow Chemical Co, exhibit significantly improved wear resistance along with better tensile yield strength, compressive yield strength, elastic modulus and better high temperature properties.
Polarized microscopy observation and TEM observation also were conducted of molecular structural parameters, including tensile yield strength for short-term performance.
Tensile yield strength and ultimate elongation were used to assess the bond strength.