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TCOMTool Development Cost Model
TCOMTactical Communications
TCOMTerminal Communications (Air Force Communication Squadron)
TCOMTotal Clinical Outcome Management (studies)
TCOMThe Center for Outpatient Medicine (Bloomington, IL)
TCOMTranscutaneous Oximetry Measurement
TCOMTethered Communications Of Minnesota (communications blimp manufacturer)
TCOMTethered Communications Of Maryland (manufacturer of unmanned tethered aerostat systems)
TCOMTime Critical Object Manager
TCOMTotal Control of Movement
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Orange Cyberdefense and Atos, through its technology brand Bull, have signed a strategic partnership to jointly take on the secure mobile terminal communications market.
government's integrated satellite terminal communications.
Reportedly, this equipment will be deployed to support the US government's integrated satellite terminal communications.
The Fixed Enterprise Terminal communications capability must keep pace with the evolution of a global projection military force.
com) supports error-free sequencing and warehouse management using bar code scanning and real-time wireless terminal communications.
Big D has recently rolled out a watch-phone that runs on the PHS network, a GPS-enabled handset (its first consumer mass-market device so enabled) and an e-commerce payment system that uses the infrared port for point-of-sale terminal communications.
Orange Cyberdefense has inked a strategic collaboration deal with Atos, via its technology brand Bull, to collaboratively take on the secure mobile terminal communications market.
Depending on the frequency band used (Ku-band), mesh communications may not be possible for small terminal to small terminal communications.
Over the next several weeks SNC will verify the full system performance for Subscriber Terminal communications and operation of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) capability.