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The results of our research do not differ significantly from the results in the available literature [2, 6-8, 23], as others also reported that the most common symptoms that indicate second-look arthroscopy were: pain, swelling, and lack of terminal knee extension.
Furthermore, as the knee moves into terminal knee extension, the tibia displaces forward creating stress on the anterior cruciate ligament, which in turn may cause QF inhibition.
In addition to length-tension reasons for decreases in quadriceps' torque production toward terminal knee extension there is a biomechanical reason as well.
RADIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS: Localized anterior arthrofibrosis of the knee secondary to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with resultant impingement of the fibrous nodule in the intercondylar notch upon terminal knee extension (cyclops syndrome).
For instance, phase two, which consists of heel drags and terminal knee extensions, leads to phase three, which has the patient riding a bike, performing leg presses and doing squat motions.
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