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TPVTerminal Point de Vente (French: Point of Sale Terminal)
TPVThird-Party Verification
TPVToute Petite Voiture
TPVThird Person View
TPVTerminal Punto Venta
TPVTemporary Protection Visa (Australia)
TPVThermoplastic Vulcanizate (thermoplastic elastomer)
TPVTotal Payment Volume
TPVToute Petite Voiture (French: Very Small Car)
TPVThird Party Vendor
TPVTetanus/Pertussis Vaccine
TPVThrough-Package-Via (mechanical design)
TPVTotal Perspective Vortex (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
TPVTotal Portfolio Value (finance)
TPVTanapox Virus
TPVTotal Prostate Volume (urology)
TPVTotal Purchase Value
TPVThe Perfect Victim (band)
TPVToro Professional Valve