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TITexas Instruments
TITraining Instructor
TITechnical Information
TITecnologia da Informação (Portuguese: Infomation Technology; Brazil)
TITurn In
TITruth Is
TITreasure Island (Hotel Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV)
TITransparency International
TITeknologi Informasi (Indonesian: Information Technology)
TITicino (Swiss canton)
TITechnical Institute
TITelecom Italia (Italy)
TITourism Industry
TITessin (Ticino; Swiss Canton)
TITime Interval
TITiistai (Finnish: Tuesday)
TIToastmasters International
TITube Investments (Chennai, India)
TITeknologisk Institut (Danish: Technological Institute)
TITechnology Integration (making systems that are not normally interoperable work with each other)
TIThreat Intelligence
TITraining Instructor (US DoD)
TITerminal Island (California)
TITaxable Income
TITotal Income
TITerminally Ill
TITenant Improvements
TITribunal d'Instance (French: District Court)
TITilt Steering (automotive)
TITraffic Information
TITransfusion Independence (blood transfusions)
TITurismo Internazionale (Alfa Romeo)
TIThoreau Institute
TITherapeutic Interchange
TITechnical Integration (various organizations)
TITrypsin Inhibitor
TITechnical Instruction
TIThursday Island (Queensland, Australia)
TITemptation Island (TV show)
TITemporary Import (customs; various locations)
TITherapeutic Index
TITexas International (airline)
TIThermal Inertia
TITechnical Inspection
TITechnical Intelligence
TITextile Institute
TITest Interface
TITraducción e Interpretación (Spanish: Translation & Interpreting)
TITargeted Individual
TITemperature Indicator (industrial control description)
TITechnology Insertion
TITerminal Ileum (small intestine)
TITechnologisch Instituut (Dutch: Technological Institute; Belgium)
TITest Instructions
TITest Instrumentation
TITransport Index
TITechnology Intelligence
TITriple Integral
TITribune Interactive
TITemperature Index
TIInspiratory Time (medicine)
TITrunk Interface
TITotal Insanity
TITactical Intelligence
TITactical Internet
TIThermal Imagery
TITransaction Identifier (telecommunications)
TITechnical Interface
TITarget Indication
TITechnical Investigation
TITool Install
TITransfer Impedance
TITransactional Interpretation
TIThymus Independent (Antigen; immunology)
TITransmission Identification
TITraining Integrator (various companies)
TITarget Illuminator
TITeaching of Islam
TITechnical Impracticability (Superfund and RCRA waivers)
TITrace Index (linguistics)
TITime Inserted
TITricuspid Incompetence
TITransistorized Ignition
TITrace Identifier
TITemporary Intermittent
TIThought Insertion
TITechnical Insertion
TITest Intensity
TITechneglas, Inc.
TITurbocharger-Intercooler (Volvo trim)
TITurbine Island (power generation)
TITeledyne Isotopes
TITourismo Internationale (Alfa Romeo)
TITrack Initialization
TITechnician's Interface (Bay Networks)
TIToonami Infolink (website)
TITransition Initialization
TIThroat Inlet
TITelecommunications Instruction
TITransmission Identification/Identifier
TITheory of Indices
TITechnology Insights, Inc.
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Actually, the CBCP did not say in the pastoral statement it released on Sunday that it was backing his bill, just offering to Congress and regulators the Church's teaching on the use of prohibited drugs in caring for the terminally ill.
The lawsuit comes after the high-profile death of a terminally ill patient who moved from California to Oregon to take advantage of that state's Death With Dignity law.
These vignettes described, respectively, a healthy adult, a terminally ill adult, a healthy child and a terminally ill child.
He wrote: "I've always taken the view that people who are terminally ill and in pain should be able to take heir own lives if they want to and be helped to do so.
If Lord Falconer's amendment ever again rears its ugly head and becomes law then vulnerable disabled and terminally ill people will become more vulnerable and exposed to the worst kind of abuse imaginable
The call for a debate is being backed by the organisation Dignity in Dying, which supports assisted dying for terminally ill patients.
Adele Luty and Tracey Williams organised the event in aid of the charity the Starlight Foundation, which grants terminally ill children a final wish and provides entertainment on children's hospital wards.
She is taking on the challenge with her brother to support their mum who is terminally ill with breast cancer.
Cinnamon Trust, a national charity for elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, is looking for dog walkers in Ely, Cardiff.
It's far easier to arouse enthusiasm for the rights of conscious, suffering, terminally ill patients who are actively exercising their right to die.
The simple joys of childhood such as enjoying a night at the ballpark with family often escape hundreds of thousands of critically, chronically and terminally ill children throughout the Tri-State area.
Terminally ill patients have been denied the right to end their lives by the House of Lords after a concerted campaign by religious leaders.