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TRM TYPTermination Type
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The full, 12-predictor model mentioned earlier was most useful for predicting the termination type therapy dropouts, yielding a 91.
Given that the most accurately classified group is therapy dropouts, verification of the four potential predictors via multiple methods (nominal logistic regression, descriptive discriminant analysis, CART) lends strong support for the usefulness of these four predictors for determining membership in a specific termination type group: individuals who are likely to terminate before the end of treatment.
Following (and contingent on) client age, the next influential predictor of termination type was income, with perceived client difficulty being contingent on income: For individuals younger than 40.
There were environment--production system combinations where one stem termination type had better yield than the other in most genetic backgrounds (Table 3).
Significant difference between stem termination types at the 0.
Each of these connector types is available with barbed, flared, or other termination types.
Contact termination types that include right angle solder and straight press-fit.
First, the argument applies only to dissolutions, whereas Warwick's analysis does not differentiate among different termination types.
An empirical finding of qualitatively different hazard rates for the two termination types would thus be inconsistent with the Browne, Frendreis, and Gleiber model but would confirm the Lupia and Str[phi]m model, albeit in a rather weak form.
Fixed, free and in-line connector variations exist to satisfy a number of connection needs, and an added benefit of multiple termination types in a single WSS assists soldiers in making the right connection on the first attempt.
A variety of termination types including straight and right angle PCB, and solder cup for size 20 and 22 wire.
Features include corrosion-resistant aluminum housings, watertight seal, small package size, high temperature construction for applications up to 300[degrees]F, high electrical load capacity as well as low energy switches with gold contacts and choice of termination types.