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T2Terminator 2 (movie)
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T2Topological Space (mathematics; topology)
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T2Technology Transition
T2Tron 2.0 (PC game)
T2Thief 2 (game)
T2Time for 63% of Transverse Relaxation (magnetic resonance)
T2Temptation Island 2
T2Test Article 2 (testing)
T2T-carrier 2 (digital transmission line, 6.312 Mbps, 96 voice channels)
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The T-X has the same shape-shifting and self-regenerating powers as her male counterpart in Terminator 2, except she's stronger, faster and her arms contain more tools - blowtorch included - than a Swiss army knife.
After the expensive debacle that was Terminator 3, there seemed little point in further dragging down a once-illustrious franchise, the highlight of which was the genius-like Terminator 2.