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TERPTheoretical Ex-Rights Price
TERPTexas Emissions Reduction Plan
TERPTechnical Evaluation Review Panel
TERPTerminal Instrument Procedure
TERPTerminal Equipment Replacement Program (US State Department communications system)
TERPOver-The-Horizon Targeting Exercise Recording Project
TERPThinkpad Emergency Replacement Program (Lenovo/IBM)
TERPTerrorism Emergency Response and Preparedness
TERPTask-Evoked Pupillary Response
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terp is a robust templating engine that integrates with the ANT build tool to enable portable builds using platform-specific tools like C++ compilers.
With this merger, Taft is reaffirming its commitment to Northeast Ohio, an important market for the firm, as we continue to grow to better support the needs of our clients," said Terp.
Terp said the combined strengths of the two firms will give the firm greater depth in meeting a variety of business and individual legal needs.
Many of our clients plan to submit applications to use TD-1 under the TERP for the application period ending October 17, 2002.
TERP anticipates achieving the targeted growth through cost reductions in the intermediate term and through organic growth and acquisitions over the longer term.
Terp was a funny, cheerful, very different kinda guy.
The Terp Budget Course is designed to both assess the student's financial skills and assist them in developing an action plan.
Terp and Snyder did not open any of the emails, Ivy Tech told the Star, which obtained the emails in a public records request.
In all Ivy Tech regions, Terp says, the percentage of faculty and staff exceeds that of the community's minority population.
The Monitor quoted one interpreter called "Bob, a musician from the Kurdish city of Dahook", as saying: "In the beginning it was so difficult to get a job as a terp.
The case, Operation Roadrunner, "is a good example of how proceeds from the theft and cloning of vehicles can fund organized criminal activities, including terrorism," said Terp.
According to Public Citizen, the Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee amended the TERP bill earlier this month to eliminate the state's ability to clean up switch engines used on trains and marine vessels.