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Using terpyridine molecules to create the framework and zinc atoms as a structural glue, the molecules form structures that are able to self-assemble, giving it the ability to automatically heal after a break.
In addition, an exciting investigation is planned that using photo- or magneto-responsive metal ions to crosslink liquid-crystalline terpyridine polymers to give elastomers, so that mechanical disturbance of the elastomer will result in an optical or magnetic effect.
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Terpyridine was discovered in 1931, they say, and has been shown to lend itself to the construction of specific, stable metal complexes with unique properties that can easily be tuned by the choice of the metal ion and/or the structural modification.
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Several series of Fe(II) and Co(II) complexes composed of mono-substituted terpyridines have been prepared in our laboratory.
Di- and tetracarboxylate derivatives of pyridines, bipyridines and terpyridines as luminogenic reagents for time-resolved fluorometric determination of terbium and dysprosium.