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TLSTotal Logistics Support
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TLSTravel Leadership Summit
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TLSTriple Lead Sheath
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Surveying services in remediation mining on behalf of the lmbv (basic measurements, stakeouts, surveys, control measurements, monitoring measurements, landslides, water measurements, soundings, terrestrial laser scanning, uav surveying).
This will include 3D surveying with terrestrial laser scanning of parts of the ancient monument to understand more about its condition, conservation work, limited archaeological excavations and geological work to analyse and map the kinds of stone used in the Wall.
LandAir offers a range of surveying services, with a unique specialization in terrestrial laser scanning and transportation surveying.
Among the topics are towards a mechanically based definition of the disturbance factors using the Slope Model lattice code, modeling a railway rock tunnel using terrestrial laser scanning and the distinct element method, imaging the redistribution of stresses in a pillar during mining production, and fundamentals of rock mass classification systems used in engineering design.
Terrestrial laser scanning is a new and efficient method of digitization data related to large objects for surveys.
First of them is terrestrial laser scanning and the second one is digital, hemispherical photography.
Recent advances in terrestrial laser scanning technology allow us the fast and efficient collection of 3D coordinates of cultural heritage object, automatically [6].
The Air Force said the next phase of the project is scheduled to begin in 2015 and will include terrestrial laser scanning and 3-D spatial technologies to identify, evaluate, and document baseline conditions at the launch complexes so researchers can evaluate condition changes and deterioration.
The company cited an example of using the ZEB1 to survey a covered stockpile at a mine in Chile, while comparing its performance with traditional terrestrial laser scanning.
Participants can expect to hear from renowned professionals, industry experts and solution partners, who will share about the capabilities and potential of the 3D terrestrial laser scanning technology through keynote addresses, power speeches, and case studies of successful implementation.
Close range photogrammetry (image matching methods) [1] and terrestrial laser scanning are appropriate [2, 3] when we need to quickly gather large quantities of data in a small area.
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