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Terrestrial organic matter in the strait is negligible because estimation of the origin of POM indicates less contamination by terrestrial organic matter.
2003), results in the present study indicate that POM in the Menai Strait mainly originated from marine primary production and was less affected by terrestrial organic matter.
Terrestrial organic matter, therefore, would be a minor food source for mussels in the Menai Strait.
In addition, the results were accelerated by the contributions from the terrestrial organic matter which was positively correlated with the regional climate warming since 2005 AD.
2001) Nitrogen and carbon isotopic composition of marine and terrestrial organic matter in Arctic Ocean sediments: implications for nutrient utilization and organic matter composition.
5b), and therefore a high [beta]-sitosterol/cholesterol ratio, indi-cating a terrestrial organic matter source.
29] steranes, indicating reducing environments, highly saline conditions, a strong contribution of inferior aquatic organisms, and some influence of terrestrial organic matter.
The dominance of low carbon-number n-alkanes indicates that these oil shales consist mainly of algal and less of terrestrial organic matter.
The correlation coefficient in the samples from the Songliao Basin decreases with decreasing water depth due to the presence of an admixture of terrestrial organic matters.
The variation can also be explained by the presence of an admixture of terrestrial organic matters and lacustrine organisms.
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