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TITexas Instruments
TITraining Instructor
TITechnical Information
TITecnologia da Informação (Portuguese: Infomation Technology; Brazil)
TITurn In
TITruth Is
TITreasure Island (Hotel Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV)
TITransparency International
TITeknologi Informasi (Indonesian: Information Technology)
TITicino (Swiss canton)
TITechnical Institute
TITelecom Italia (Italy)
TITourism Industry
TITessin (Ticino; Swiss Canton)
TITime Interval
TITiistai (Finnish: Tuesday)
TIToastmasters International
TITube Investments (Chennai, India)
TITeknologisk Institut (Danish: Technological Institute)
TITechnology Integration (making systems that are not normally interoperable work with each other)
TIThreat Intelligence
TITraining Instructor (US DoD)
TITerminal Island (California)
TITaxable Income
TITotal Income
TITerminally Ill
TITenant Improvements
TITribunal d'Instance (French: District Court)
TITilt Steering (automotive)
TITraffic Information
TITransfusion Independence (blood transfusions)
TITurismo Internazionale (Alfa Romeo)
TIThoreau Institute
TITherapeutic Interchange
TITechnical Integration (various organizations)
TITrypsin Inhibitor
TITechnical Instruction
TIThursday Island (Queensland, Australia)
TITemptation Island (TV show)
TITemporary Import (customs; various locations)
TITherapeutic Index
TITexas International (airline)
TIThermal Inertia
TITechnical Inspection
TITechnical Intelligence
TITextile Institute
TITest Interface
TITraducción e Interpretación (Spanish: Translation & Interpreting)
TITargeted Individual
TITemperature Indicator (industrial control description)
TITechnology Insertion
TITerminal Ileum (small intestine)
TITechnologisch Instituut (Dutch: Technological Institute; Belgium)
TITest Instructions
TITest Instrumentation
TITransport Index
TITechnology Intelligence
TITriple Integral
TITribune Interactive
TITemperature Index
TIInspiratory Time (medicine)
TITrunk Interface
TITotal Insanity
TITactical Intelligence
TITactical Internet
TIThermal Imagery
TITransaction Identifier (telecommunications)
TITechnical Interface
TITarget Indication
TITechnical Investigation
TITool Install
TITransfer Impedance
TITransactional Interpretation
TIThymus Independent (Antigen; immunology)
TITransmission Identification
TITraining Integrator (various companies)
TITarget Illuminator
TITeaching of Islam
TITechnical Impracticability (Superfund and RCRA waivers)
TITrace Index (linguistics)
TITime Inserted
TITricuspid Incompetence
TITransistorized Ignition
TITrace Identifier
TITemporary Intermittent
TIThought Insertion
TITechnical Insertion
TITest Intensity
TITechneglas, Inc.
TITurbocharger-Intercooler (Volvo trim)
TITurbine Island (power generation)
TITeledyne Isotopes
TITourismo Internationale (Alfa Romeo)
TITrack Initialization
TITechnician's Interface (Bay Networks)
TIToonami Infolink (website)
TITransition Initialization
TIThroat Inlet
TITelecommunications Instruction
TITransmission Identification/Identifier
TITheory of Indices
TITechnology Insights, Inc.
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Tessin interprets his apologue as a lesson not only to monarchs, on whom "it is incumbent every moment to show mercy and justice to his subjects," but also to subjects who are obligated to maintain "gratitude, subordination, and obedience to their sovereign" (228-229).
Of course, Tessin and his team felt no pressure from the rest of our staff as we constantly peered over their shoulders and asked, "Are we there yet?
As Tanzer points out, his happiness is based on an ideal image of her, and she does not want to destroy the image by admitting to an attraction for Tessin (Tanzer, p.
39'940 6'702 4'604 Neuchatel 39'858 9'511 8'267 Fribourg 37'748 8'746 4'515 Tessin 36'665 8'100 5'441 Obwald 35'427 8'244 4'367 Valais 35'309 9'196 5'786 Jura 33'616 10'815 6'460 national average 46'970 8'805 5'744 min-max ratio 2.
This warm-hearted Latin--he comes from the Tessin, the Italian-speaking Swiss canton in the sunny south of the Alps--has friends on every continent.
Territorially concentrated linguistic minorities also include the Rumantsch population in canton Graubunden, and the Italian-speaking minority mainly in Canton Tessin.
He had been flying due north, over Canton Tessin, his course set for the Greina Pass, where the Blenio Valley runs into the Upper Rhine Valley at Graubunden, and two distinct types of mountain converge, the steep granite of St.
Le cas du Quebec, auquel pourraient s'ajouter celui de la Catalogne, de la Wallonie, du Tessin, etc.
The new poppy seed loaf joins Hiestand's other speciality Swiss bread, a range including Dried Tomato, Farmer and Tessin Bread.
The study used the same sampling design as the two Swiss surveys but covered only eight cantons: four German-speaking, three French-speaking, and the Italian-speaking canton, Tessin (Switzerland has 26 cantons).
Freshfields has already merged with Germany's Deringer Tessin Herrmann & Sedemund.
3) La Confederation soutient des mesures prises par les cantons des Grisons et du Tessin pour la sauvegarde et la promotion des langues romanche et italienne.