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Fertility after chemotherapy for testicular germ cell cancers.
Although hypospadias, the birth defect that involves an abnormally-placed urinary opening, and cryptorchidism, the lack of descension of one or both testes in the scrotal sac, are associated with a risk of developing testicular germ cell cancer, it was unclear whether all three were inheritable.
They found that men with a personal history of cryptorchidism or hypospadias had an increased relative risk of developing testicular germ cell cancer, but their relatives did not.
This study contributes to our understanding of why testicular germ cell cancer appears to run in families," said Dr Raynard Kington, Acting NIH Director.
The findings may also lead to new ways to identify men at high risk, as well as more effective ways to prevent and treat testicular germ cell cancer," Kington added.
GPR30), such as shown here for BPA, may stimulate abnormal nongenomic proliferation of gonocytes, consequently resulting in malignant germ cell transformation/carcinoma in situ and then testicular germ cell cancer, the most frequent cancer of young men, with increasing incidence.
Risk-adapted treatment choice in stage I nonseminomatous testicular germ cell cancer by regarding vascular invasion in the primary tumour : a prospective trial.
7% incidence, respectively), testicular germ cell cancer, and low sperm counts.
Other common markers include alpha-fetoprotein, present in about 90 percent of testicular germ cell cancers, and lactate deyhdrogenase, an enzyme that can also be a sign of meningitis, HIV and acute pancreatitis if elevated levels are present.
Below the age of 15, about 90% of testicular germ cell cancers are yolk sac tumors.
Fetal germ cells are also believed to be the cell of origin for testicular germ cell cancers in young men (Rajpert-De Meyts 2006).
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