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TETTranscutaneous Energy Transfer
TETTone Equal Temperament (music)
TETTest Environment Toolkit
TETTravailleur en Trance (French: In Trance Worker; band)
TETTraffic Engineering Tool
TETTubal Embryo Transfer
TETTetrytol (explosive)
TETTrilogy Energy Trust (Canada)
TETTurbine Entry Temperature
TETTechnical Evaluation Team
TETTrusted Execution Technology
TETTreadmill Exercise Test
TETTokyo Electron Taiwan Ltd. (Japan and Taiwan)
TETText Enhancement Technology
TETThe Edinburgh Techniques (to aid those with learning disabilities)
TETTensar Earth Technologies
TETTravailleur Etranger Temporaire (French: Temporary Foreign Worker; Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
TETTelecommunications Education Trust
TETTurbine Exit Temperature
TETTwentsche Electrische Tramweg Maatschappij (former bus company in the The Netherlands.)
TETTargeting Effects Team
TETTorqueing Electrical Terminations
TETTechnician Enhancement Training
TETTrailing Edge Tracking
TETTactical Equipment Trainer
TETTechnical Enhancement Training
TETTechnology Evaluation Team
TETTechnical Evaluation Test
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Comme le souligne Leitner (2012), la presence de travailleurs migrants dans ces communautes cree un desequilibre a cause de la tendance demographique saisonniere engendree par une presence majoritaire de TET sur un territoire deserte par ses habitants, un desequilibre qui a des impacts sur la cohabitation residentielle et sur la cohabitation des metiers.
TET: What are the biggest risks facing your business today?
Next, the test strips were vertically immersed into a serum sample containing different concentrations of Tet, specific antibody, and 5iL 20% Tween-20 (solution 1) for 7 min.
The Myths of Tet provides a fresh look at the most important event of America's most controversial war.
Throughout that tempestuous year, Vietnam remained at the heart of political debate--in no small part because of the psychological impact of the Tet offensive.
He successfully highlights how the raucous 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago and the campaign of George Wallace helped facilitate the election of Richard Nixon to the presidency; however, much more can be written about Tet's effect on the home front.
During the course of the Tet Offensive, military police defended key military installations, flushed out enemy snipers, conducted security patrols, provided convoy security, and established critical checkpoints.
While Americans and South Vietnamese were fighting around the race track, wiping out the last of the attackers, he wanted me to understand Tet was a victory for the U.S.
Alem disso, uma vez que, este esporte apresenta uma exigencia motora diferenciada, com padroes de recrutamento motor totalmente especifico (Sant' Ana, Fernandes, Guglielmo, 2009), e como, atletas de Taekwondo nao pedalam, nem correm, e sim, saltitam e realizam chutes ao longo da competicao ao avaliar indicadores de capacidade e potencia aerobia em atletas de Taekwondo, deve-se levar em consideracao a acao motora do esporte em questao, ressaltando a importancia da avaliacao em um protocolo que reproduz acao motora caracteristica nas competicoes e que tenha apresentado validade cientifica para avaliacao aerobia de atletas desta modalidade, como o Teste Progressivo Especifico para Taekwondo (TET) (Sant' Ana, 2013).
fermentum strains isolated from Indian fermented foods, three strains have been found to harbor the erm(B) gene and one harbors the tetracycline efflux genes tet(K) and tet (L) [20].
Cet article rapporte les arguments des employeurs favorables a l'embauche des travailleurs etrangers temporaires (TET) peu qualifies pour combler leurs besoins de main-d'oeuvre dans les secteurs saisonniers.