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TSSTotal Segment Score (skating)
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TSSTethered Satellite System
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TSSTiming and Synchronization System (air traffic management)
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A three-body tethered satellite system is the simplest multitethered satellite system and could be deployed upwards and downwards simultaneously without any concern of collisions.
The nonlinear dynamic behavior of a three-body tethered satellite system is now numerically analyzed for two different deployment rates of the tethers, whose lengths are identical.
As mentioned before, a four-body tethered satellite system is more representative for multitethered satellite system than a three-body tethered system, as it could not be initialized by one separation.
Upon the results of the deployment of the three-body tethered system, a four-body tethered satellite system separated simultaneously is deployed via numerical method.
The dynamic responses of a four-body tethered satellite system separated via spring mechanism twice are depicted in Figure 7.
After parametric analyses, the effects of separation strategy on the deployment of multitethered chain-type tethered satellite system could be concluded and the results are as follows: (1) the simultaneous separation method could effectively decrease the time consumption of the deployment, (2) the dynamic behavior of the system separated by virtue of spring mechanism is unprofitable as rotation of system after deployment while the system split by separation bolt ends in a simple pendulum motion, which is better.
This section presents two dynamic models to describe the motions of the tethered satellite system.
The two angles are introduced to investigate the libration of the tethered satellite system based on different coordinate systems.
The nonlinear dynamic equations of motion of the tethered satellite system can be obtained by applying Euler-Lagrange's equation as
Equations (7) and (12) to (15) are the nonlinear dynamic equations of motion for the tethered satellite system based on the coordinate system [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Figure 2(b) shows the coordinate system defined at the mass center, where point C represents the mass center of the tethered satellite system, and the position vector from points O to C is expressed as [[?
Besides, since point C is the mass center of the tethered satellite system, one has the equation as