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TexTexas (old style state abbreviation)
TexTill Exempel (Swedish: for example)
TexTransit Exchange
TexText File
TexTelluride, CO, USA - Telluride Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
TexTributary Extension
TexTransmit Experiment
TexTransaction Exception Code
TexTOSS Executive
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Tex Tech Coatings, headquartered in Kernersville, North Carolina, is a supplier of coated and laminated products across a variety of end markets including aerospace and defense, industrial, and medical.
The Texas Board of Nursing (Board) proposed amendments to 22 Tex. Admin.
Old season lambs (3093) - Townhead (Tex) PS150; Luckenburn (BTEX) PS147; Raecruick (Suff ) PS135; South Park (Chev)PS124; Chamberwells (BF) PS122; Raecruick (Mule) Old season lambs (3093) - Luckenburn (BTEX) 332p; West Thomaston (Tex) 291p; West Thomaston (Chev) 285p; St Mungoes (BF) 271p; West Thomaston (Suff) 265p; Easter Bucklyvie (mule) 253p.
The consortium of organisations aimed to make Draig Tex sustainable, unfortunately this has not been possible due to a drop in demand for the service overseas.
Primero, estan obligados porque al tratarse de la naviera mas apoyada del pais, al recibir el encargo del TEX MEX, TMM debio responder de la misma forma.
Capital LLC said it has completed the recapitalization of Texas, USA-based Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing.
According to the paper, this year's fair was supposed to be a celebration for Tex, marking his 60th birthday.
News that Big Tex had gone up in flames began spreading like wildfire across Twitter, memorials to Big Tex became common.
But 20-year-old Tex is such a huge fan of the classic comedy that he's published a book about it.
Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation, an independent exploration and production company based in Irving, Texas, has drilled the Breitling-Big Tex #1 on June 26, 2011 in Gaines County, Texas.