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TasPTreatment as Prevention (HIV/AIDS)
TasPTactical Advanced Signal Processing
TasPTexas Academic Skills Program
TasPTotal Army Sponsorship Program (US Army)
TasPThe Association for the Study of Play
TasPTelluride Association Summer Program
TasPTexas Association of School Psychologists
TasPTemplate-Assembled Synthetic Protein
TasPTeacher at Sea Program (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)
TasPTennessee Association of School Psychologists
TasPTechnology Assessment and Selection Panel
TasPTactical Acoustic Specialist Program (US Navy)
TasPThe Army Studies Program
TasPTowed-Array Signal Processor
TasPTemporary Agent Servicing Program (insurance)
TasPTactical Aviation Sea-based Platform (US Navy)
TasPTarget Anti-Submarine Patrol
TasPTelephone Alternative Service Provider (Sharemedia)
TasPTemporary Air Service Permit (permission to operate a foreign aircraft in another country)
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A correlational study of achievement as measured by the total score on the Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) Reading Test and achievement as measured by the total score on the Nelson-Denny Reading Test.
They are passing the Texas Academic Skills Program and are doing very effective college-level work.
In trying to help students pass the Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) Examination, changes have been found to occur in the student before efforts at teaching mathematics are effective.
Program staff must continue to monitor students desiring to enter the teacher education program and provide assistance and support for passing the Texas Academic Skills Program test, which is necessary to meet admission requirements.
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