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TCETTexas Center for Educational Technology
TCETThakur College of Engineering and Technology (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
TCETTexas Council on Environmental Technology (est. 2001)
TCETTetrahedron Control Element Topology
TCETTraining Centre for Energy Trading (various organizations)
TCETTightly Coupled Engineering Team (software)
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Denton, TX: Texas Center for Educational Technology.
With support from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the Texas Center for Educational Technology (TCET) at the University of North Texas, developed the START project.
A hyper-link to the Internet site win be maintained by the Texas Center for Educational Technology, University of North Texas.
In June of 1990, the Texas State Board of Education chose the University of North Texas as the site of the proposed center, establishing the Texas Center for Educational Technology, a research collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin.
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