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Judge Owen later repaid the favor, in part, by lending her endorsement to a Texas Civil Justice League fundraising appeal.
More staid and establishment, and concentrating on old-fashioned lobbying at the state capital, is the Texas Civil Justice League, an Austin-based coalition with 6,000 corporate members, from the Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Medical Association to Shell Oil, Dow Chemical, Pfizer, and, of course, Philip Morris.
Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, took to the microphone to denounce the Texas Civil Justice League, which in the flyer targeted an insurance bill by stripping the line "Don't Expand the 'Nanny State'" across a picture of a baby suckling a woman's breast.
The flyer, which was printed by the Texas Civil Justice League, said "Don't Expand the Nanny State," and had a graphic picture of a child suckling a woman's bare breast.
Rick Perry is maintaining an 11-point lead over Democrat Bill White, according to a survey of 1,200 registered and regular voters done for the Texas Civil Justice League, Texas Medical Association and the Texas Farm Bureau.
Attorney Lee Parsley, who testified before the committee on behalf of the Texas Civil Justice League, a legal reform group, said he believed Caperton could sufficiently limit corporate influence in judicial elections.
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