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But since trade for now is only one-way--and restricted to agricultural commodities under the 2000 Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act (TSRA)--the Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance is focused mainly on Texas food shipments to the island, and on efforts to end the U.S.
Event, sponsored by Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance, will discuss exporting Texas farm products to Cuba.
Cynthia Thomas, president of the Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance, said she expects her state to export $30 million worth of goods to Cuba in 2004, despite the difficulties of doing business with the Castro government.
The Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance, formed last February, estimates that Texas farmers could export as much as $54 million a year to Cuba under the Trade Sanctions Reform Act of 2000, which authorizes U.S.
Details: Cynthia Thomas, Founding President, Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance, PO Box 515322, Dallas, TX 75251.
One of the most recent, a two-day conference in Austin sponsored by the Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance, had invited Rodriguez to be the keynote speaker.
Yet the Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance decided to go ahead with its May 15 "Doing Business With Cuba" event in Austin, despite pressure from out-of-state opponents to call it off.
Sponsored by Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance. Cost: $100 ($150 after May 1).
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