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TEXELTexture Element
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The New Zealand Texel fits perfectly with this philosophy, being robust with good feet, legs and backs."
The Wights run 50 Texel ewes at Midlock, alongside Blackfaces, Mules and Bluefaced Leicesters.
The flock comprises 22 ewes and two stock rams and was established four years ago after Ms Moyse's partner, Stuart Wood, brought two Blue Texel ewe lambs over from Belgium.
Standing reserve overall was the leading Blue Texel, second to Cinderella in the Continental final.
Outwith the show, top price of the day went to G McLaren, Blaircessnock, Port of Menteith for a 52kg Texel Cross fetching PS99.
Texel operates three manufacturing operations and one distribution center in the province of Quebec, Canada.
BREEDING RAMS (26): A smaller entry saw a top price of PS380 for a yearling Texel from Phillips, Broomsgrove Farm, who also sold a BFL at PS360; PS280 for a BFL ram lamb from Davies, South Hill Farm, who also sold another ram lamb at PS250; PS260 for a yearling Texel from Marlsborough Farm Ltd, Marlsborough; PS210 for a Texel yearling from Thomas, Maesyllan.
Texel Air, who already owns a Bahraini Part 145 approval, is expected to get its EASA Part 145 by the third quarter of 2016.
Texel is now famous for its scavengers, or jutters as they are known locally, who live off their finds and even build their homes from what turns up on the shores.
PR offers proof of his own progress: his Texel flock, established in 1980, is now in the top 1% of the UK National Texel Breeding Evaluation performance flocks.
Foram utilizados 17 cordeiros castrados, com idade aproximada de 120 dias, divididos em tres grupos, sendo seis mesticos Texel x Hampshire Down, seis mesticos Texel x Ile de France e cinco mesticos Texel x Suffolk.
The Texel tup died earlier this month at Fyvie, Aberdeen-shire.