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TCONText Content
TCONThe Chronicles Of Narnia (book series by C.S. Lewis)
TCONThe Conduit (Wii game)
TCONTemporary Conservatorship (legal status)
TCONTimer/Counter Control Register (Intel 8051 Microcontroller register)
TCONThe Colours of Nature (research unit; India)
TCONTelephone Consults
TCONTelenor Research Error Concealment Decoder
TCONTrailer Contents (shipping industry)
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- Open Text Content Server (web reports, workflows, oscript) Dev, Test, Production and DR
The imaging data from Pan-STARRS is apparently equivalent to two billion selfies or 30,000 times Wikipedia's entire text content.
"We were looking to expand our content writing services and our team researched different markets in need of text content for months.
This was done by using the 'text content of the Facebook posts, post length, frequency of posting, temporal posting patterns, and demographics.'
Creating text content at scale was finally possible to meet the demand.
Communication with the Open Text Content Server is done through proven APIs; the REST API and Content Web Services API.
If the text content has a voice, we give it a voice people can actually listen to."
People outside of Alanya will have a chance to see the city's visual and text content online.
Users are able to regain up to 12 types of data, five types of media content and seven types of text content from iOS devices.
Links to the videos are found next to the text content within a browser interface.
Consumers will love the visual and text content provided by IANS, a market leader in the digital content space in India, and advertisers will find this an equally compelling medium to make their pitch and reach out to a highly-targeted and focused audience."
Opera's own demos are a lot more impressive of course, as they show multi-column text content paginated across multiple pages automatically.