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TLBType Library (file extension)
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
TLBTapeless Backup
TLBTool Bar
TLBTranslation Bridging
TLBText Library
TLBType Library
TLBThe Living Bible
TLBTrue Launch Bar (software)
TLBTransmit Load Balancing (Hp)
TLBTournament Leader Board
TLBTaro Leaf Blight (plant disease)
TLBThe Lost Boys (movie)
TLBTop Level Budget
TLBTerm Loan B
TLBTransport Licensing Board
TLBTie Line (Class) B
TLBTransport Load Builder
TLBToilette à Litière Biomaîtrisée (French: Biocontrolled Toilet Litter)
TLBTable Lookaside Buffer
TLBTrue Last Boss (video gaming)
TLBTime-Life Books
TLBThe Lazy Bastards (gaming clan)
TLBTypical Liberal Behavior
TLBThe Lascivious Biddies (band)
TLBTastes Like Burning (band)
TLBTrade Law Branch
TLBTechnical Log Book (aviation)
TLBTrailer Launched Bridge
TLBTout Le Bois (French)
TLBTest Loop Back
TLBThread Local Buffer
TLBTyler Lenius Band
TLBThieving Lying Bastards
TLBTie Line Biased
TLBThe Learning Box LLC
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The text function has a specially designed predictive text library containing the words "canny", "howay" and "divvent".
Contract awarded for Gocheok text library asbestos removal and treatment services e Quote advertisements
The method is often able to find potential knowledge framework in the free text library, which is the lack of artificial construction methods.
Open Text Library W,U,L H/W,J Mgmt Polaris Polaris ILS W,N,T W SirsiDynix SirsiDynix W,U,L,N,T H/W,J,W,M Symphony Softlink Liberty W H/W Softlink Oliver W H/W Surpass Surpass Centriva W H/W,W SydneyPLUS SydneyPLUS W,U,N,T H/W,W The LibraryCorp.
Of 136 investigation-directed environmental samples obtained during October 8-10 from the workplace and company mail van, 20 were positive, including 10 of 20 from the mailroom, 1 of 2 from the company mail van, 5 of 6 from the office of the asymptomatic mail-sorter who had a positive nasal culture and had opened a letter containing powder, 2 of 21 from the index patient's work area (at an incoming-mail desk near his workspace and a repeat sample from his computer keyboard), 1 of 9 in the text library, and 1 from the single basement ventilation filter sample.
Also, as part of an ongoing commitment to using computers in education and research, the university's Alderman Library has established an online electronic text library and archive.
Among the first to announce a digital, off-the-shef photo archive for newspapers was a newspaper company, Tribune Publishing of Lewiston, Idaho, which had earlier developed its own electronic text library, NewsView.
Early in 1997, Dow Jones took the first step in "Webbing" News/Retrieval itself, by placing the Text Library database in WSJIE.
All of IAC's content, including sources from Computer Database, Magazine Database, and Newsletter Database, will be consolidated within the News/Retrieval TEXT Library. In addition, IAC's newest database, IAC Industry Express, has also been added to the TEXT Library.
Dow Jones Launches Enhanced News/Retrieval Text Library--The new Dow Jones News/Retrieval Text Library is now available to customers.
It actually incorporates the 17,000-entry database (12,000 currently produced items, 5,000 recently discontinued items), ABLEDATA (some of you may recognize this as an online service), with a text library of disability-related documents.