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T2VText to Voice (IVR and speech synthesis technology)
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capable of producing audio outputs including but not limited to live voice, pre-recorded voice messages, text to voice messages, and tone messages at each speaker array with a sound pressure of at least 72dB and with an voice clarity rating of 0.80 or greater at its maximum specified range.
For example, there are mice that can be clicked with one's foot, head, or even controlled on-screen just by one's eyes, voice-controlled computers, programmes that convert text to voice, special pens that read codes, and even little robots that help children learn to read.
The company's on-demand solution provides a single interface and bill for telephony services, web and audio conferencing, unified messaging, voice to text, text to voice, Internet, presence and screen pops.
Such applications will recognize the capabilities and preferences of the destination device/user and convert text to voice, voice to text--and provide video responses.
'Extending it to fixed lines through the imaginative use of text to voice technology will make it a much more flexible and fun service for business and personal users.
Services and products for disabled people, such as text relay (an operator service that translates voice to text and text to voice) and free directory enquiries.