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Natural history and population dynamics of the land snail Helix texta in Israel (Pulmonata, Helicidae).
The maps are produced on A3 sheets of paper using textas, coloured and lead pencils.
So I GET a texta, I HOLD her head straight and I WRITE on her forehead, "Hi Mum, I've tried drugs for the first time.
Renata and Sam's framed lithograph of The Communist Manifesto, typed in German and laid out to approximate the shape of the heads of Engels and Marx, has the phrase 'cancelled' scribbled across it in red texta at a party: 'Sam had pronounced it fair comment and said he thought they should leave it there.
texta (Dujardin) Lemmermann X Phacus brevicaudatus (Klebs) Lemmermann P.
35 'paloma', 48 'romper', 54 'tierra', 55 'grande', 59 'hierba', 79 'abuela' (LH texta, LS teteh).
In others still, I splashed water on my face and drank from the tap--me with a mouth like a dry fuck after too many champagnes and Stuyvys at the pub on a Tuesday night--before turning my back and walking out, glancing at the life-size cock going up an arse in Texta above the urinal.
Penelopepoterat bis denos salva per annos Vivere, tam multis femina digna procis; Coniugium falsa poterat differre Minerva, Nocturno solvens texta diurna dolo; Visuram et quamvis nunquam speraret Ulixem, Illum exspectando facta remansit anus.
The first claim presented for parks and reserves and Crown land in the Perth metropolitan area was accompanied by a copy of a metropolitan road map with a texta pen line defining the boundaries of the claim.
3) A intertextualidade e definida cama "uma relacaa de ao-presenca entre dois ou varias textas, ista e, de forma crucial e mais frequentemente, como a presenca efetiva de um texta na materialidade do outro" (GENETTE, 1982, p.
abuela titi (CA), titin (SU), teteh (LS), texta (LH) 2.
Trois textas particulierment importants sont ici republies pour ce roi: le n[degrees] 20, qui represente la prologue et l'epiloque du Code, l'auteur presentant de nouveaux arguments pour finalement reattribuer ce texta a Ur-Nammu at non pas a Sulgi; le n[degrees] 21, qui donne une nouvelle edition du docu ment jadis publie par F.