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Th2T Helper Cell Type 2 (gene)
Th2Tail Homology 2 (protein domain)
Th2Tony Hawks 2 (PlayStation game)
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Alum primarily promotes a particular subset of T-helper cells, known as Th2 cells, which target extracellular bacterial infections but tend not to be optimal to fight viral infections.
Stephensen's group demonstrated--for the first time--that retinoic acid promotes development of Th0 cells into Th2 cells rather than Th1 cells.
Myeloid-like cells (DC1) produce abundant IL-12 and induce a Th1 response, and lymphoid- like cells (DC2) induce a Th2 response.
The TH1 and TH2 patterns of cytokine response are mutually inhibitory and between them are responsible for maintaining the balance between the humoral and cell-mediated responses.
altered the balance between Th2 and Th1 cytokine production, suppressed hypergammaglobulinemia, and prevented the [kidney complications seen] in chronic GVHD.
TH2 will be focused on significantly enhancing the enjoyment and safety of RV enthusiasts by digitally connecting this fast-growing international marketplace.
Researchers found that Th2 cells release defence molecules when they detect the damage caused by invading parasites, but can only perform this task if they express EGFR.
EInnate lymphoid cells in asthma: when innateimmunity comes in a Th2 flavor.
Different infectious agents are known to selectively polarize the immune system towards a Th1 or a Th2 response," the authors explain.