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Sigmund Freud rather used a dualistic approach to describe Eros and Thanatos.
Thanatos will store a copy of the suspicious files and upload it to VirusTotal
One way of seeing replicated with this photograph elicited the frame of eros and thanatos and enabled viewers to read the photograph as the conquest of the spirit over the fear of death.
23) Thus the prologue establishes sex and death, eros and thanatos entwined, as the thematic core of the film.
Ante esta amenaza para sus objetivos, Eros se afana en contrarrestar la accion destructora de Thanatos, y para ello se funde con el, resultando asi un cumulo de fusion pulsional en variada proporcion que se canaliza a traves de dos vias distintas: por un lado, parte de este conglomerado pulsional es proyectado hacia el exterior en forma de agresividad, mientras que otra parte permanece en el interior del organismo.
He comes to know that the Olympian gods had kidnapped his brother, to stop a prophecy from coming true a la Harry Potter, and given him to Thanatos (Death, Personified) to keep forever.
we I mean Thanatos, but I just asked, I do not mean Thanatos.
Thanatos, The Dark Avenger, is engaged in "a war for good against evil" in Vancouver, Canada.
In Alcestis, Heracles compensates Admetus's generous hospitality by bringing back Alcestis from the underworld after defeating Thanatos, the personification of death.
La idea de Thanatos como eje principal de la diferencia entre el ser humano y su entorno animal, la santidad expresa en la negacion y vivificada en la burla de las prohibiciones es un vector principal de la obra del autor que la autora demuestra en este trabajo.
The opposing yet strongly connected forces of Freudian buddies Eros ("passionate love") and Thanatos ("death") are reluctantly explored by the femme protag of "Attenberg," the impressive sophomore feature of Greek scribe-helmer Athina Rachel Tsangari ("The Slow Business of Going").
on the work of eras and thanatos, on the laying of stones,