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TYFNSThank You for Not Smoking
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For instance, Cutting (2002:20) remarks that the sign to the general public, 'Thank you for not smoking' conveys an expressive thanking speech act, rather than the impersonal directive prohibiting 'No Smoking'.
That 'Thank you for not smoking' gag also raises another point -- because nowadays, of course, you're not allowed to smoke in London (or anywhere), and everyone just shuts up and accepts it.
HAIRDRESSER Michelle Lingard has a notice up in her Kirkheaton salon that says: "Thank you for not smoking".
The Wetherspoon group banned smoking for customers at the bar years ago and my local in North Yorkshire has followed suit with those 'thank you for not smoking' notices on the bar.
So technology is making the Knowledge redundant, but never fear - cabbies will be around for a long time yet, and doubtless the signs in the back of their cabs that say "Thank You For Not Smoking" will remain.