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I played the character of Sam Seaborn in TV's The West Wing for several years, and my films include Thank You For Smoking and St Elmo's Fire.
Watching famous Hollywood flicks such as Wag the Dog or Thank You for Smoking would rather put things for Nestle as well APCO in perspective.
In nine novels written over a quarter century, including Thank You for Smoking (1994), Little Green Men (1999), Boomsday (2007), and Supreme Courtship (*** Nov/Dec 2008), Christopher Buckley mercilessly skewers Washington politics and politicians.
Think of him as another likeable antihero who could have fit nicely into the author's 1994 novel Thank You For Smoking, in which lobbyists for the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms industries gathered for a weekly "Merchants of Death" luncheon.
Billy the Kid and his gang become wanted outlaws as they seek revenge for their employer's murder by a rival rancher 1988 *** Thank You for Smoking (TV3, 1.
He studied acting at Brigham Young University in Utah and appeared in movies like Erin Brockovich, Thank You For Smoking and The Dark Knight.
They are pushing the envelope, from the downright snarky and harmless "Lonelygirl15" videos on YouTube (google those two words and you'll see), to the allegation that Big Tobacco has been quietly flooding YouTube with videos of teens smoking--a not-so-far-fetched assertion, based on a similar idea in the 2006 movie Thank You for Smoking.
Thank You For Smoking (Cert 15, 88 mins) Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Comedy/Drama, also available to buy DVD pounds 17.
We report on our utilization of a writing assignment over a satirical novel, Thank You for Smoking, as an analytical exercise to improve student comprehension of this important subject matter, and as a way to make political interest groups courses more enjoyable for students.
Although as there haven't been any this year - aside from A Cock And Bull Story and Thank You For Smoking -that isn't the biggest accolade I've ever awarded.
Thank You For Smoking cuts a swathe through all of its targets, poking merciless fun at the entertainment and tobacco industries, and the public's gullibility when faced with a so-called expert.
It's no secret that sophists are the leading philosophical group in America, but this has rarely been as well demonstrated as in Jason Reitman's Thank You for Smoking.