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TYFSThank You for Sharing
TYFSThank You for Smoking (2005 movie)
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Thank you for sharing with us your special memories of our mum.
Thank you for sharing this story of an amazing family.
I could go on but just wanted to thank you for sharing, and for bringing back some memories of gun ghosts in my past--and present.
Thank you for sharing your story with us here at American Forests.
Thank you for sharing your family's war stories, and for sharing your own, in previous writings.
Vickie, thank you for sharing your experience and your insight so that others can achieve success.
I thank you for sharing this happy ending with your readers and hope that those who can donate to agencies serving families in crisis in the Seacoast will.
We thank you for sharing the important facts in this article with your students.
Roger Martinez's reply: Kevin, thank you for sharing your perspective.
Thank you for sharing the many ideas you have had about observing DARW in all parts of the globe.
Willard Zeeb, thank you for sharing your great story on "Intricate Inventions," Farm Collector, July 2004.