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Thanks for nothing. Your Vow is worthless if that's how the extra powers work.
Thanks for nothing Judith Coyne It's about time working families got the help they need to pay for childcare so they can go back to work and earn money to support their families and not scrounge off the government coz they can't be bothered to go out to work!
Cushion, pounds 35, from John Lewis read it AWARD-WINNING comedian Jack Dee emphasises his "grumpy old man" act in his debut book Thanks for Nothing, which is part life story, part
Jack Dee, one of comedy's drollest and most lugubrious characters, has a new memoir out called Thanks For Nothing which details the jobs he endured before hitting the big time.
Of those of you whose email addresses I was able to obtain - after some effort, I might add - none have even replied to my request that you explain your intentions, so thanks for nothing.
In addition, Joshua Kors of The Nation won the prestigious Joseph Galloway Award for his "Thanks for Nothing" report on the misdiagnosis of some combat veterans.
The Lawn Tennis Association has just signed a new pounds 25 million umbrella sponsorship deal with Aegon - thanks for nothing DFS, and has grown fat on the annual windfall brought in by the two weeks of the All England Championships.
Amid the fanfare surrounding the arrival of the new regime, Black exited B6 with a series of mumbled 'thanks for nothing' from unimpressed supporters.
Clair Bishop Thanks for nothing, they get that and nhs get 1% frozen for 4 years, bloody disgusting.
So thanks for nothing, civil servant Sir Henry Cole.
Thanks for nothing. How are the plenty of elderly people who live round here going to get to town and back on a Saturday when Sunny Travel do not run?