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TNMNThat's Not My Name (band)
TNMNTrans National Monitoring Network
References in classic literature ?
"That's not my name," he explained, "my name is Peter Pan."
"That's not my name." She peeked her head over the platform, and long strands of hair fell around her face.
Dizzee Rascal nailed a cover of That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings and it left a permanent mark on my consciousness.
He added: "I said, 'That's my face, mate, but that's not my name, I'm not signing that.'" The jailer said: "In here, you're Phillips."
Top of the charts: 'That's Not My Name' - The Ting Tings ?
"Maybe because that's not my name," an irate Mickey replies.
'And how did you choose your handle, the famous EllaBelle?' That's not my name. JasHands isn't called Jasmine, TalkingAriel isn't called Ariel.
Infectious singles 'Great DJ,' 'Shut Up and Let Me Go' and 'That's Not My Name' worked their quirky magic on drooping heads and tired limbs until they bobbed along to the beats.
As he left the stage to the sound of The Ting Tings' That's Not My Name, the thunderous applause was well deserved.
"I said 'Danny throw the knife away' and he said 'that's not my name.'" ."
Katie - who, with Ting Tings partner Jules De Martino, hit No1 in 2008 with That's Not My Name - said: "It was psychologically damaging to the point that I haven't done it since.
Not that there wasn't time for singer Raul Malo to go full croon, as he did on a cover of "Blue Bayou'' that made it seem as if the song had been written for him, or to engage his inner lounge lizard with "That's Not My Name,'' or to do a lovely version, with just his acoustic guitar, of "Here Comes the Rain.''