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TBGTsukuba Botanical Garden (Japan)
TBGThe Beautiful Girls (band)
TBGTactical Baby Gear
TBGThe Brilliant Green (band)
TBGThe Berndt Group (Baltimore, MD)
TBGThe Barrow Group (New York, NY)
TBGThe Buyer's Guide (Comic Fandom)
TBGThe Blackstone Group (various locations)
TBGThyroid Binding Globulin
TBGtetrathionate brilliant green
TBGThe Bright Group (various locations)
TBGTurn Based Game
TBGText Based Game
TBGToken Black Girl
TBGTibbett & Britten Group (UK)
TBGThe Bradford Group (various locations)
TBGThe Bridgespan Group (San Francisco, CA)
TBGTerritorial Battalion Group (Canada)
TBGThe Breakaway Group (Colorado)
TBGThe Benjamin Gate (band)
TBGThe Bioengineering Group (Salem, MA)
TBGThe Brooklyn Group (Australia)
TBGThot Boy Gang
TBGThe Borenstein Group (Fairfax, VA)
TBGTruforte Business Group (Florida)
TBGTime Base Generator (electronic clock circuit with programable output frequencies)
TBGTurn Based Gold (King of Chaos gaming)
TBGTransportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil SA
TBGTRADOC Budget Guidance
TBGThyroxine-Binding Globulin of Serum
TBGTechnical Basis for Globalization
References in classic literature ?
They were peaceful, kind hearted, loving and merry, and every inhabitant adored the beautiful girl who ruled them and delighted to obey her every command.
On the eighth night a fearful storm of wind and rain came on while the Herd-boy was on his way to bring the beautiful girl another bag of gold.
Cornelius cast his eyes on the beautiful girl, quite astonished to hear from the mouth of one so humble such a noble and feeling speech.
Upstairs he went, however, and into a front room he was shown, and there, seated at a little table by the window, on which were drawing materials with which she was occupied, sat the beautiful girl who had so engrossed his thoughts, and who, surrounded by all the new and strong interest which Nicholas attached to her story, seemed now, in his eyes, a thousand times more beautiful than he had ever yet supposed her.
They passed plenty of people who bowed, and many who glanced with wondering admiration at the beautiful girl who sat by Wingrave's side.
But one evening, as Nell was returning from a lonely walk, she happened to pass the inn where the stage-coaches stopped, just as one drove up, and there was the beautiful girl she so well remembered, pressing forward to embrace a young child whom they were helping down from the roof.
I'm sure the Princess is ready to be picked," asserted Dorothy, gazing hard at the beautiful girl on the bush.
Nor did he fail again to observe, or imagine, an analogy between the beautiful girl and the gorgeous shrub that hung its gemlike flowers over the fountain,--a resemblance which Beatrice seemed to have indulged a fantastic humor in heightening, both by the arrangement of her dress and the selection of its hues.
And for NMG staffers, it is a joy to have two dedicated volunteers take charge of the Beautiful Girls project.
The Beautiful Girls singer said: "I was basically just a young kid going to high school, trying to get my music out there and I felt like sending in demos wasn't the best way to do it.
She's spending all her time on her lead role in a musical, while Vince is tempted by the beautiful girls he meets at school.
The horror rock band was formed over 10 years ago by Kembra and former partner in chine Samoa (who's now pursuing Bluegrass endeavors), but the new line-up is held down by Adam Cardone on bass (formerly of The Toilet Boys), Michael Wildwood on drums (D-Generation, Chrome Locust), Dave Weston on guitar (Weston), and of course The Beautiful Girls of Karen Black (the dancers).