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Upon the same principle that a man is more attached to his family than to his neighborhood, to his neighborhood than to the community at large, the people of each State would be apt to feel a stronger bias towards their local governments than towards the government of the Union; unless the force of that principle should be destroyed by a much better administration of the latter.
When a country is fully developed and its production keeps pace with its consumption, if private wealth is to increase as well as the wealth of the community at large, there must be exchanges with other communities, which will keep a balance on the right side of the balance-sheet.
Some readers may still find elements of pathology in the physical and moral exercises of mortification of flesh and will in this phase of Catholicism, and some may still see the handiwork of patriarchy in the imposition of clausura on those women who attempted to create lay forms of religious life that would act upon the life of the community at large.
Moreover, it's difficult to see how subverting our immigration laws could be considered anything other than "a threat to the community at large.
For three school years, "The Wellspring" has been published and distributed to students, families, and the community at large.
Brazilian trade union Forca Sindical fights for jobs for its members and the community at large.
This lack of stability raises the discomfort level for individual consumers and for the community at large.
Throughout SOM's history, we have been committed to using our deep resources and experience to help advance the dynamic growth of the community at large through forward-looking projects that make a larger contribution to the City.
We are very sensitive to (hate-based) activity and that has to do largely in response to the community at large,'' said Moore said.
Race is only modestly better addressed in the queer community than in the community at large.
Joseph's employees, residential tenants and the community at large.
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