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The proof is that the poets who have dramatised the whole story of the Fall of Troy, instead of selecting portions, like Euripides; or who have taken the whole tale of Niobe, and not a part of her story, like Aeschylus, either fail utterly or meet with poor success on the stage.
She is one of one of history's unknowns and she will witness the fall of Troy and the death of the man who took everything she cherished.
Bad decisions and character flaws were not solely responsible for the fall of Troy. The major Greek deities had their own interests in the outcome, and their many intercessions caused death and mayhem on both sides before the final reckoning.
Collections to look out for include an early 17th-century tapestry showing the fall of Troy, in which the Trojans flee from the Greeks, who have entered the city of Troy in a wooden horse.
No doubt, contemporary readers, many of whom knew all about the fall of Troy but little or nothing about the Oyo Empire, will not be so ignorant after reading this remarkable novel by Tunde Leye.
In a much-revised version of her 2008 doctoral dissertation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Adema analyzes how Vergil uses verb tenses to create different types of effects in the Aeneid, particularly to manipulate the pace and order of the story of the fall of Troy and Aeneas' subsequent adventures.
Whether it is the murder of Trayvon Martin or the Fall of Troy, Smith plumbs the limitations and possibilities of legend, reclaiming old ones and inventing new ones to reflect the joy and travails of queer folks and people of color.
We see little of the arrogant Ulysses and hear less of his epic adventures, instead meeting him ten years after the fall of Troy when our hero finally makes it home, but only because Neptune (bass Stephen Hegedus), vengefully shipwrecks him on the coast of Ithaca.
Now the actress from Stockbridge locks horns as Andromache, wife of Hector in a lavish retelling of one of history's most famous moments, the fall of Troy.
Seven years have passed since the fall of Troy. Aeneas and those who were able to escape the disastrous site have sailed the seas, seeking Italy and the destined "new Troy" there.
David Farr's visceral multi-part series, Troy - Fall Of A City, retells the fall of Troy and the collapse of a family.
While for Chaucer and his courtly contemporaries, the fall of Troy established the foundation for their own civilisation--England was the New Troy--the alliterative writers expressed marked scepticism about such received wisdom, and resisted any linear view of history that saw their country's direct descent from fallen Troy and its glorious successor, imperial Rome, as something in which to glory.