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YOU'RE the girl of my dreams You're the girl of my heart You're the girl I long to hold and love Under the silver moon and stars And on the silver surf kissed sands Of our secret hideaway For you my sweet and loving Angela Marie Are an angel of beauty from up in heaven above An angel of beauty who always shares her tender love With very lucky and thankful old me So as night slowly takes over day In my heart and dreams I hope and pray that you will always stay Because if by the start of a brand new day You my sweet and loving angel have slowly faded away Then my life would feel so empty and my heart would slowly die Without your warm and tender love to keep it beating and alive.
A total stranger called Michelle answered and now we are married - I really did get the girl of my dreams.
Lewis, who kissed Sally Anne, 18, goodnight moments before her death, said yesterday: "She was the girl of my dreams, a real angel, and the one true love of my life.
SEARCHING Searching searching I'll never stop searching For the girl of my dreams For somewhere out there In this war-torn world Is the girl I once held Tenderly in my arms And close to my happy heart Her love was so warm and tender Her love was also soft but strong In fact it was the love of an angel My whole life long But my dreams through the night Very seldom come true Especially the ones about me and you For you my love are an angel Who sits by the good lord's side So the only time I can hold you and say love you Is at night when I close my eyes But through the day I'll never Stop searching For you my love for you For one day in the far distant future My dreams might just come true DONALD JOHN TYE, Wallsend.