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The Court of Justice, the highest court in the state of Sao Paulo, unanimously overruled a lower court recently and said that performances of the play, titled "The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven," could go on.
"In Brazil, we have a very ugly habit of sweeping everything under the carpet," said Renata Carvalho, the actress who performs the one-woman show "The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven." ''This just sheds light on what people think.
Given the very common depiction of Jesus as blond and blue-eyed, Joseph may want to stay far away from any mangers this Christmas season and he should probably also skip Scottish playwright Jo Clifford's one-woman show, "The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven," which depicts Jesus as a transgender woman.
In return for a million dollars plus change, Sid will publish and distribute The Gospel According to Jesus. Sid is skeptical; one of the chapters is entitled "Destroy all churches." Gabe is reassuring: "Jesus actually wrote this.
It is written by the Scottish playwright Jo Clifford and is called 'The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven."
Saramago, an atheist and communist who died in 2010, was never far from the wrath of the Christian community, not least for his The Gospel According To Jesus Christ, which led to him leaving Portugal in 1992.
Well worth picking up, if not quite up to the standards of the Gospel According To Jesus Christ and other Saramago classics.
Matthew 7:16 in the gospel according to Jesus Christ, not George W.
Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago swore never to return to Portugal while the Social Democrats were in power after the ministry of culture refused to submit his book 'The Gospel According to Jesus Christ' for consideration for the European Literature Prize in 1992.
Mitchell wrote this for young people, basing it on his book for adults, The Gospel According to Jesus, which came out about 10 years ago.
Perhaps even more problematic for those Vaticaneers who while away their evenings reading Nobel novelists in the shadow of the Eternal City is one particular Jose Saramago novel, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.
Observes Stephen Mitchell, author of The Gospel According to Jesus, "Mary of Nazareth is almost completely absent from Jesus' life and words.