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Andrew Trapani, of Nine/8 Entertainment, is an entertainment producer who has worked on numerous high profile video game, television and film projects including The Haunting in Connecticut, Tamara and the forthcoming Wallace.
The Haunting In Connecticut 15, 98 mins Amityville-style horror based on a supposedly true story about a family terrorised by evil spirits.
The Haunting In Connecticut (Cert 15, 98 mins, Entertainment In Video, Horror/Thriller, also available to buy DVD pounds 19.
The Haunting In Connecticut is a ghost story by numbers with the requisite number of cheap scares and some competently orchestrated spectral visitations.
Films CINEWORLD, MIDDLESBROUGH Monsters Vs Aliens (PG), Monsters Vs Aliens-3D (PG), The Boat That Rocked (15), Knowing (15), The Damned United (15), The Haunting In Connecticut (15), Lesbian Vampire Killers (15), Duplicity (12A), Paul Bart: Mall Cop (PG), Marley & Me (PG), Bronson (18), Watchmen (18), Confessions Of A Shopaholic (PG), Bolt (PG), Hotel For Dogs (U).
Aliens 2 The Boat That Rocked 3 Knowing 4 Marley & Me 5 The Haunting In Connecticut 6 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 7 The Damned United 8 Duplicity 9 Gran Torino 10 Watchmen THIS WEEK'S TOP TEN
THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT (15) Verdict: HHHII WHY is Hollywood so blinkered when it comes to horror?
THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT (15) is a supernatural thriller based on a true story.
a terrified mother (Virginia Madsen) struggles to protect her son (Kyle Gallner) from a malevolent supernatural force in THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT.