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THCITufts Health Care Institute
THCIThe Heart Center of Indiana
THCITriggered Harmonic Contrast Imaging
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The Heart Center of Indiana has found using the 64-slice CT to screen for calcium in the coronary arteries, a predictor of future heart disease, to be a potentially preventive measure for patients.
A reputation for fast-track construction, performance excellence and experience in the health-care industry netted Gaylor Group the installation of the electrical system for The Heart Center of Indiana in Carmel.
Last month, The Heart Center of Indiana, a brand-new $60 million for-profit hospital, entered the market with a four-story freestanding facility at 106th and Meridian streets in Carmel.
Ownership of The Heart Center of Indiana has an even more favorable physician-ownership ratio with a 50-50 split between St.
The hospital building boom is driven by consumer demand, ease of access and efficiency, says Jim Brenmer, president and CEO of Bremner & Wiley, Indianapolis, developer of The Heart Center of Indiana and other health facilities across the country.