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THOCTexas Hematology Oncology Centers (Dallas, TX)
THOCThe Height of Callousness (SpineShank album)
THOCTheatre Organization of Cyprus
THOCTemasek Hall Orientation Committee
THOCThe Hope of Change (band)
THOCTheatre Head of Contracts (NATO)
THOCThe Human Overpopulation Crisis (course)
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'The police action signifies the height of callousness, insensitivity, and embarrassment not only to the person of the 92 year old leader but also to the Niger Delta and indeed all Nigerians of good conscience.
'This is the height of callousness and should be condemned,' Zarate added.
This would be the height of callousness. Besides she had since late last year to assess the situation and adapt measures to alleviate the farmers' plight.