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But in many places in Asia, it's the height of rudeness to state any opinion that differs from the other person's.
That's not surprising when it's considered the height of rudeness to refuse a drink from a friend or colleague.
The very concept of drunken soccer hooliganism is alien in polite, well-heeled Japan.Here it is the height of rudeness to stand on the wrong side of an escalator, blow your nose in public or eat in the street.
No-one from the Six Nations has contacted us and it's the height of rudeness,' he added.
"It's the height of rudeness not to write a thank you card, so don't get your presents muddled up," says Paul.
This, according to Dodd, was the height of rudeness and political insensitivity.
I think that it is the height of rudeness when in company and someone decides to indulge in a conversation on their mobile phone, sometimes lasting up to one hour.
I hope I am not alone in considering this sort of behaviour to be the height of rudeness, and not compatible with the standards of the Society.
For example, I think it's the height of rudeness to send a text message while talking to someone else and I get seriously fed up by people who sign off serious business e-mails with ``lots of love'' or ``Cheers''.
Yes, I know I should chuck them out, but I can't help thinking it's the height of rudeness to throw someone else's glasses away.
If you are offered a drink at a formal event in Hong Kong, it is the height of rudeness to decline.