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I never met anybody personally concerned in this affair, the interest of which for us was, of course, not the bad weather but the extraordinary complication brought into the ship's life at a moment of exceptional stress by the human element below her deck.
As Tarzan of the Apes hurtled through the trees the discordant sounds of the battle between the Abyssinians and the lions smote more and more distinctly upon his sensitive ears, redoubling his assurance that the plight of the human element of the conflict was critical indeed.
Scholars of technology discuss issues, challenges, and research trends in big data in regard to human behavior, covering the human element of big data: definition, new trends, and methodologies; algorithms and applications of advancement in big data; future research and scope for the human element of big data; and case studies for the human element of big data: analytics and performance.
Idea Connection Systems[R] is a trusted global innovation consulting firm that focuses on the human element of innovation.
The meeting will shed light on the experiences of companies and institutions of excellence in the field of human resources development, strengthening cooperation and communication between the ministry of labour and private sector's institutions and encouraging investment in the human element through training national cadres and raising Bahrainisation rates in the private sector's institutions.
On top of these was the human element due to work pressure, fatigue, stress, exhaustion, overthinking, illness, inattentiveness, recklessness, indifference and blurred vision.
Splashing out millions in the effort to renovate is inevitable for hotels as their interiors get tired and worn out, but it may be well worth it to keep the human element in perspective.
I simply felt that the two articles together threw an important issue into relief, and perhaps demonstrated that the human element of chocolate production still remains relatively unknown.
Dow recognizes employees who, through their passion, courage, innovation, and attitude of fearless accountability, embody the spirit of the Human Element.
In Hawkinson's work, the human element is the artist as observer, but in Dupont's it is harder to locate, and this seems to be precisely the point: His body has become simply a shape to play with, to pull at here and there, much as one might absentmindedly pull at a lump of clay.
In Joshua's instance, the human element was imperative for success.