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TILCThe Independent Living Center (Joplin, MO)
TILCTest Implementation Liaison Committee
TILCTraduzione Interconfessionale in Lingua Corrente (Italian: Interfaith Common Speech Translation)
TILCTunisian Italian Lighting Company (est. 2001)
TILCTrinity Industries Leasing Company (Dallas, TX)
TILCThe Institute of Intercultural Learning and Communication (UK)
TILCTransparency International Lithuanian Chapter (est. 2000)
TILCThe Italian Lockpickers Club
TILCTokyo International Learning Community (Tokyo, Japan)
TILCTime Interval from Last Chemotherapy
TILCThe Interior Landscaping Company (UK)
TILCTreball Integrat de Llengua i Continguts (Catalan: Work Integrated Language and Content)
TILCTenant Improvements & Leasing Commissions
TILCTravel Insurance Licensing Corp. (Missouri)
TILCTurkish Intensive Language Course (Yildiz Technical University; Turkey)
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The salience of this variable in measuring consumer control is reflected in the independent living center evaluation indicators which are being developed by the Rehabilitation Services Administration and which will bequire organizations to have a principal governing body composed of 51% persons with disabilities to be eligible to receive Title VII Part B funds (Rehabilitation services Administration, 1988).
Providing services that can be purchased by the VR system can result in increased resources for the independent living center or program.
Facilities for taping and braille printing, TDD services, and interpreter services became available through the independent living center in Town One.